vArmour Installer

Design Lead, Interaction Designer,   Visual Designer
Sept 2017 — Dec 2017
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Current Problem

Before each customer can access vArmour’s product, there is a lengthy and complicated installation process. The whole engagement has typically needed 2-3 weeks with a dedicated sales team to help a customer. And the standard time to pilot usually takes between 6-12 months. It causes many customers exit before seeing value.
Although our sales team receives a lot of interests in using vArmour’s product to protect their data center, the actual trying rate is only 12.5% (lower than industry average). Thus, the power and value of vArmour was not seen broadly. The journey from initial engagement to product trial is a critical path for vArmour to grow and achieve business success. It is an opportunity to re-envision the installing experience and make it simpler, smoother and better.

Final Results

There are two goals, we want to 1. Provide a frictionless installation process and reduce total installing time to targeted 45 mins. 2. Show value to customers as soon as possible, even before installation happens.

Overall Journey

The overall journey includes multiple touchpoints, and total installing time dramatically reduces to 45 mins (before it takes up to hours to complete).

vArmour Installer

The original vArmour installer has the flexibility to accommodate different environment, from small to large, and it also allow users to customize every detailed configuration. However, too much flexibility drives complexity. It is very powerfuk but ends up hard to use. For this project, it is an opportunity to rethink about how to improve the installer experience. We reduced the whole installation process from 5 to 3 steps. And for each step, we simplified configuration by using default setting based on what we have learned from previous customers, and make suggestions for users to start with at the same time.

Discovery Portal and Reports

The discovery portal allows customers to play around vArmour’s product without installation. Once the installation is completed, they can easily switch to their own data in order to see if it is a good fit for their organization. At the same time, vArmour sends out a report about what we have discovered in your data center, and highlights critical applications that needs to be protected.


Layout explorations

The evolution of different layouts reflected on the process of simplifying the installation journey. In the very beginning, I was exploring horizontal progress bar. Because it had to accommodate 5 steps, and more configurable inputs inside each step. Then as the team discussed more and more, we reduced the number of steps and information. Then I was using accordion design. All steps can be expanded and collapsed in one full page. But since each step is correlated, accordion is not ideal. The final decision was showing the vertical status on the left side. It optimized the screen space better, and leave a dedicate area for chat support on the bottom left.

Horizontal progress bar
Vertical progress bar
Design iteration

The earliest version of the installer was the brainstorming results of a one-week workshop with all the stakeholders (PM, engineers and sales). We tested the concepts with our customers, and due to their interests, the installer turned into an actual product. And design was evolved along the way.

  • Hackathon results
  • MVP wireframes
  • Final visual